Volume 1

K. Brian Soderquist
The Isolated Self

Truth and Untruth in Søren Kierkegaard’s

On the Concept of Irony

Volume 2

Robert Leslie Horn
Positivity and Dialectic
A Study of the Theological
Method of Hans Lassen


Volume 3

Jon Stewart
A History of Hegelianism in
Golden Age Denmark

Tomes I-III

Volume 4

Curtis L. Thompson
Following the Cultured Public's Chosen One
Why Martensen Mattered to


Volume 5

Johan Ludvig Heiberg

Philosopher, Littérateur,
and Political Thinker

Edited by Jon Stewart


Volume 6

Hans Lassen Martensen

Theologian, Philosopher
and Social Critic

Edited by Jon Stewart


Volume 7

The Heibergs and the Theater

Between Vaudeville, Romantic Comedy and National Drama

Edited by Jon Stewart


Volume 8

Katalin Nun

Women of the Danish
Golden Age

Literature, Theater and the

Emancipation of Women

Volume 9

     Jon Stewart

     The Cultural Crisis of the

     Danish Golden Age
     Heiberg, Martensen and


Volume 10

     Magnús Eiríksson:

     A Forgotten Contemporary
     of Kierkegaard

Edited by Gerhard Schreiber      and Jon Stewart


Volume 6

Jon Stewart (editor)

Hans Lassen Martensen

Theologian, Philosopher and Social Critic


Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press 2011
Hardback. xv+351pp. ISBN 978-87-635-3169-6





Although he has long been known primarily as the object of Søren Kierkegaard’s disdain, Hans Lassen Martensen (1808-84) was a celebrated figure in his own time. Recognized as a brilliant scholar and highly successful churchman, Martensen worked in a number of different areas of theology and philosophy, producing an impressive literary corpus over a period of several decades. His authorship is remarkably varied, including philosophical treatises, theological tracts, sermons, eulogies, book and theater reviews, as well as polemical and occasional pieces. During his lifetime, he saw his works translated into German, Swedish, English, French, Hungarian and Dutch. These works were widely read and frequently reprinted in numerous editions throughout the second half of the century. It is unfortunate that to international research he was known for many years only as a central figure in Kierkegaard’s attack on the Danish State Church.

In the past few decades there has, however, been a renewed appreciation for Martensen as an important thinker in his own right. The present anthology attempts to bring together the works of the leading Danish and international scholars responsible for this recent surge of interest. In order to capture the different aspects of Martensen’s thought, the volume has been organized into three main rubrics: I. Theology, II. Philosophy, and III. Politics and Social Theory. Collectively, the articles featured here treat Martensen’s main works from his dissertation, On the Autonomy of Human Self-Consciousness in 1837 to his monumental, three-volume Christian Ethics from the 1870s. The authors demonstrate that the problems critically addressed by Martensen in the Danish Golden Age are still very much with us today in the twenty-first century.


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