Volume 1

    K. Brian Soderquist
    The Isolated Self

    Truth and Untruth in Søren             Kierkegaard’s

    On the Concept of Irony

Volume 2

Robert Leslie Horn
Positivity and Dialectic
A Study of the Theological
Method of Hans Lassen


Volume 3

Jon Stewart
A History of Hegelianism in
Golden Age Denmark

Tomes I-III

Volume 4

Curtis L. Thompson
Following the Cultured Public's Chosen One
Why Martensen Mattered to


Volume 5

Johan Ludvig Heiberg

Philosopher, Littérateur,
and Political Thinker

Edited by Jon Stewart

Volume 6

Hans Lassen Martensen

Theologian, Philosopher
and Social Critic

Edited by Jon Stewart


Volume 7

The Heibergs and the Theater

Between Vaudeville, Romantic Comedy and National Drama

Edited by Jon Stewart


Volume 8

Katalin Nun

Women of the Danish
Golden Age

Literature, Theater and the

Emancipation of Women

Volume 9

     Jon Stewart

     The Cultural Crisis of the

     Danish Golden Age
     Heiberg, Martensen and


Volume 10

     Magnús Eiríksson:

     A Forgotten Contemporary
     of Kierkegaard

Edited by Gerhard Schreiber      and Jon Stewart


Volume 2

Robert Leslie Horn

Positivity and Dialectic

A Study of the Theological Method of
Hans Lassen Martensen


Date of Publication: 2007
Hardback. xviii+246pp. ISBN 978-87-635-3089-7


This work has both an intrinsic and an extrinsic thesis. The setting is within the broader context of the study of the thought of Kierkegaard. The extrinsic thesis is that the work of Kierkegaard is essentially polemical in character and cannot be understood without taking into account the highly specific nature of his polemics against Danish Hegelianism. The special target of these polemics is the attempts of the Danish theologian, Hans Lassen Martensen (1808-1884) to bend the Hegelian philosophical method to his own theological purposes. The intrinsic thesis is that Martensen’s development is almost entirely within the lines of a form of theological intuitionism to which his use of Hegel bears only an external relation. Hence, if it is supposedly Hegelianism which Kierkegaard attacks in the writings of Martensen, it is a highly modified and atypical form of it.

This work traces Martensen’s theological intuitionism through four stages in the period which is pertinent for the study of Kierkegaard, the years 1833 to 1850.

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