Volume 1

    K. Brian Soderquist
    The Isolated Self

    Truth and Untruth in Søren             Kierkegaard’s

    On the Concept of Irony

Volume 2

Robert Leslie Horn
Positivity and Dialectic
A Study of the Theological
Method of Hans Lassen


Volume 3

Jon Stewart
A History of Hegelianism in
Golden Age Denmark

Tomes I-III

Volume 4

Curtis L. Thompson
Following the Cultured Public's Chosen One
Why Martensen Mattered to


Volume 5

Johan Ludvig Heiberg

Philosopher, Littérateur,
and Political Thinker

Edited by Jon Stewart

Volume 6

Hans Lassen Martensen

Theologian, Philosopher
and Social Critic

Edited by Jon Stewart


Volume 7

The Heibergs and the Theater

Between Vaudeville, Romantic Comedy and National Drama

Edited by Jon Stewart


Volume 8

Katalin Nun

Women of the Danish
Golden Age

Literature, Theater and the

Emancipation of Women

Volume 9

     Jon Stewart

     The Cultural Crisis of the

     Danish Golden Age
     Heiberg, Martensen and


Volume 10

     Magnús Eiríksson:

     A Forgotten Contemporary
     of Kierkegaard

Edited by Gerhard Schreiber      and Jon Stewart


Museum Tusculaum Press is producing a monograph series entitled, Danish Golden Age Studies (ISSN: 1903-3338). The series is dedicated to advancing international research on different works, figures and discussions from the Danish Golden Age, i.e., the period from 1800 to around 1850 when writers and thinkers such as Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard were active.


This series features many different kinds of monographs, such as Ph.d. dissertations, Habilitation theses, and conference proceedings. All of the featured books are of the highest scholarly standard. The series is interdisciplinary and thus features research monographs in areas such as philosophy, theology, literature, history, aesthetics, art history and drama.


The goal of this series is to promote international interest in and research on this rich cultural period of Danish history.

The General Editor of Danish Golden Age Studies is
Jon Stewart.

Editorial Board:
Finn Gredal Jensen
Mads Sohl Jessen
Nathaniel Kramer
Katalin Nun Stewart








The series Danish Golden Age Studies is published by

Museum Tusculanum Press  

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